Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lake of Million Pink Flamingos

Most Instagram fans will take a photo of their mates on a city street, or perhaps snap a nice bit of scenery to add to their photo library. But 57-year-old Martin Harvey decided to go a little further afield – Kenya to be exact – and get the photograph of a lifetime. In his amazing shot, scores of pink flamingos – all facing to the right like an amassed army – are captured beneath a brooding sky. More of their comrades fly overhead, and the whole image is saturated in rich colour that gives it an eerie dream-like quality.  

He took a helicopter ride above the flock and also patiently crept amongst them for more intimate shots. 'As a wildlife photographer, something like this just blows my mind,' said the father-of-two, from Pretoria, South Africa. 'It is the greatest ornithological spectacle that I think anyone can experience.' The colourful creatures - normally more dispersed across the region - arrived in huge numbers to gorge on cyanobacteria.  

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