Friday, February 1, 2013

The Magnificent Allianz Arena stadium in Munich (Allianz Arena) (17 photos)

The Magnificent Allianz Arena stadium in Munich (Allianz Arena) is a world famous home stadium of FC Bayern. It is the third largest stadium in Germany and one of the most modern stadiums in Europe.

Capacity of the arena is more than 70 million viewers, it was built between 2002 and 2005, and the cost of construction will be about 340 million euros. The current name of the stadium was given in honor of its sponsor, the insurance company «Allianz» purchased this right for 30 years in exchange for financial support.

The stadium has a very impressive look, and according to its creators, the Swiss architectural firm "Herzog and de Meuron," this is the first stadium in the world that can completely change the color lighting outside. 2760 rhomboid ethylfluoroethylene pillows, from which the facade and the roof is composed, form the world's largest membrane area of ​​66 500 m ². Each pillow can be illuminated in blue, red or white colours and a variety of tints.

During the match with "Bavaria", the stadium is lit in red, which is the native color of the team. When the team "Munich 1860" is playing  the stadium is lit in blue. During the play of the German national team the pillows are bright white.

The brightness of the illuminated stadium, by the way, is so intensive that on clear nights "Allianz Arena" can be seen from the mountain tops that are at a distance of 75 km.

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