Monday, March 18, 2013

The Original Set of Mugs and Cups

If you woke up and got up on the wrong foot, you are sure to be in bad mood for all day. But if you're a fan of the morning cup of coffee or tea, then nothing is lost.
I offer you a set of unique and original mugs and cups that will help cheer you up for the day.

A Flying Cup

                                                                Little Coookie Monster

A Cup With a Couple of Fishermen

Little Cookie Monsters

Set of Mugs "Eiffel Tower."

 A "Black Cat" Porcelain Mug

A Set of Coffee Cups in the Form of the Keyboard.

A Mug for Those who Have a Mustache.

Mugs for Animal Lovers

2 ct. Coffee Mug

A Set of "Tree" Cups

A Handmade Giraffe Mug

An Octopus Mug

A Cheerful Mug and Saucer.

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